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How Do I Know I Have Referrals?

There is a new process of registering affiliates, Sell Data and Advertisers.

Now all new users register on the old registration form and land on their Money Maker Page. Then they should click Refer $ Earn to register as an affiliate under you. To join as Sell Data they need to select the Sell Data box on the Money Maker.

What is a Money Maker? https://5billionsales.com/faq/question/320/what-is-money-maker-new-process-referring-level-1

When they join you as an Affiliate you will see them in your downline https://5billionsales.com/downline/level1/all - and also here in your Money Makers stats page https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/money-maker + check your messages because you get sent a message when they join you as an affiliate. Your Level 1 downline may take an hour to update with them appearing in your downline, but you have the notification so do not send us messages that you cannot see the affiliate in your Level 1. 

When the Money Maker joins as a Sell Data you will get a notification in messages with the users full details. Using these details, you can tell them to click the Refer $ Earn box to join as an affiliate. You can also direct them to buy an advert from $5B. When the user joins Sell Data, they appear in your Money Maker stats page  https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/money-maker 

Your Sell data stats can be found here under the link STATS https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/sell-data

Your affiliate stats can be found here under the same STATS link https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/affiliate

Your Advert and Advertiser stats can be found here under the same STATS link https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/advertisers