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What is an Override?

Affiliates get paid overrides after they refer other affiliates into their Level 1. If you do not refer other affiliates in to your Level 1, you will not get paid overrides.

See here for marketing resources: https://5billionsales.com/marketing/overview

See service page here: https://5billionsales.com/refer-and-earn

Step 1 - Become an affiliate and refer other affiliates.

  1. See Refer $ Earn Page
  2. You can sponsor people into the level below you (Level 1) and they can refer into the level below them until you have built 16 levels below you. This is your 16 level downline.
  3. Overrides can be earned from the work of each affiliate in your 16 level downline. 
  4. Sponsor affiliates to earn overrides from their work multiple times, forever!
  5. You earn an override each time an affiliate in your 16 level downline earns a commission.

See your affiliate dash and scroll down to steps 1, 2, 3, 4.

Step 2 - Give your referral guidance and encourage them to promote Guaranteed Sales and Sell Data.

You will get overrides from your Level 1 affiliate activity.

You can get unlimited overrides from 16 levels for:

  • $5 when they refer a Sell Data user (recurs each year).
  • $1 each advert sold by $5B (once-off).
  • $50 Profit Share each Guaranteed Sales Advert (recurs 3x in 12 months)

Step 3 - Encourage them to join Sell Data and to buy Guaranteed Sales Adverts to promote their other businesses. Also, encourage them to refer other affiliates so you both get paid overrides. 

See image below where to find a list of Overrides and Commission. Click the steps to see commissions, overrides and when they are paid. Click commission and overrides for earnings and stats.