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Can I Introduce Friends & Family to Sell Data?

Yes you can!

You can refer anyone with Refer $ Earn if you want to be paid $100 for each of them that uses Sell Data. Join Refer $ Earn, get your affiliate link and give it to people. You can earn $100 each user each year.

If you do not want to be an affiliate, just send them to the website. They can register and use Sell Data, but you will not earn commission this way.

Join as an affiliate and refer each member of your family to use Sell Data. They can join providing they have their own device and use their own browser extension to browse the Web. We will buy their browsing data.

Refer your work mates. As long as each member has their own device installed with their own browser extension, we will buy their browsing data! 

Unlimited users per family and work place. Share the same IP address, but users must have own device with our browser extension installed to get paid for their browsing data.

To join as a Refer $ Earn affiliate is FREE!