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Can People Use the Same Device?

Due to the misuse of this permission, it is withdrawn. No you cannot.

Each extension MUST be active on a different device and the SAME device MUST validate.

All multiple extensions must be deactivated no later than 31/7/22

As always, the actions of some spoil it for others.


Yes users can use the same device at different times.

  • User 1 - Downloads their extension from their Sell Data back-office.
  • User 1 - Installs the extension into their browser.
  • User 1 - Disables the extension in the browser.
  • User 2 - Repeats what User 1 did from their own back-office.
  • User 3 - Repeats again.

Maximum of 8 different users per device.

Extensions downloaded from different back-offices have different ID codes. When you install your extension make a note which one belongs to you from the ID displayed on installation.

Each user must enable the browser extension for at least 45 minutes a day and search to get paid their daily $1.10. This is lowest data possible.

  1. User 1 - Enables their extension and browses as they normally do. When finished disable your extension.
  2. User 2 - Can now enable their extension and browse and so on.

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