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How to Install Android Extension?

Go to your Sell Data back-office.

See here: https://5billionsales.com/earn-from-selling-your-internet-data#faq-cat-34

Complete data profile Step 1.

Step 2 select your device type  - select Android.

Watch video.

Download the Zip file.

Read the full instructions.

Install Kiwi if you have not got it already.

Install browser extension.

Activate the data by searching Google 3-4 times and clicking 1-2 of the search results.

Go back to Sell Data back-office.

If you have installed the browser extension correctly you will be met by a validation popup when you land on your Sell Data dashboard.

  • If you do not have Kiwi on your ANDROID phone, you cannot earn Sell Data.
  • If you do not install our browser extension into Kiwi, you cannot earn Sell Data.

Use Kiwi with the extension enabled for each day you want to be paid. You must do at least 2 Google searches and click through 1-2 results each day or you may see no data on your my earnings page.