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ANDROID - Why do My Data Earnings show 0 for Today?

Check list

  1. Have you Kiwi installed?
  2. Have you installed our browser extension?
  3. Is the browser extension enabled?
  4. Have you searched Google a couple times and clicked results today?

If you have one of the above missing for today, then correct and try again.

If you have enabled Incognito then you will not get paid for your browsing data as we cannot collect it and you will see 'No Data' and $0 on your earnings page.

You can use Incognito when you don't want us to collect data like while working or visiting pages you want to block us from however, if you forget to turn it off, you may not return data.

For private browsing. Does not store browsing history, cookies or other
site data. To enable, click on the options button ( ⋮ ) -> New incognito
tab. Blocks $5B.