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I Signed Up Affiliates in Prelaunch Where is My Commission?

We have never offered commission payment for you to refer affiliates, and never will!

Also, we have never offered affiliates a commission to sign themselves up and never will!

Not $100 or $400! 

We do pay commission for your Sell Data referrals.
We do pay commission for adverts we sell to one of your referred users.
We do pay Profit Share commission for Guaranteed Sales referrals.
We do pay overrides from the activity of your downline.

Check your Refer $ Earn back office - See the image below where to find out when you earn commission and overrides and how much they are.

If you referred affiliates into your Level 1 in Prelaunch, then now is the time to get to work.

  • If you are looking for $400, then you need to sign-up to the Sell Data (Service 1). This is what we advertised. We do not pay $400 for registration.
  • If you are looking for $100, that is the commission you get when you refer a Sell Data user (service 1). This is what we advertised. We do not pay it for registration.

Anyone you  referred can earn you $100 when they sign-up and use Sell Data.

You can still earn $400 ($401.50) by signing up to Sell Data and using it.