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How do I Sell Adverts?

You do not sell adverts. You promote your affiliate link like you did for Sell Data and we sell adverts to people that click it.

For marketing ideas and help, see marketing link overview...

Anyone that joins $5B off your affiliate link and buys an advert from us, earns you $20 once-off commission.

Commission is paid 30 days after the advert was paid for.

We do not pay commission for ordered adverts that are unpaid.

Overrides are once-off $1 per advert that is paid for 30 days after payment.

If they, the advertiser (referral) buys a Guaranteed Sales Advert, you can also get paid Profit Share of $1000 recurring 3x in 12 months.

Profit Share overrides are $50 recurring 3x in 12 months.

All adverts sold by $5B off your link count toward your 10x Faster credit balance. 10x Faster speeds up your Sell Data commission and overrides, see more here...

First you need to join the Refer & Earn affiliate program to start earning. To join, you need to have registered with $5B.