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How do I Earn from Giving Away Sell Data?

You need to be a Refer $ Earn Affiliate to refer people to sell their browsing data.

Share your affiliate link with people.

They click it and register with $5B for free.

They select Sell Data from their Money Maker Page and join Sell Data.

You get credited with $100 commission when they join Sell Data.

The credit converts to commission earned after the user validates their first data.

Now your commission starts to queue and is paid in 12 months unless you activate and work with 10x Faster to speed up your payments.

10x Faster speeds up Sell Data Income for all users of Sell Data that joined Sell Data using your affiliate link to include users that are also level 1 affiliates.

Sell Data Income for users can be sped up as fast as 10x for life.

Sell Data commission and overrides can be sped up 10x for life.

See 10x Faster.