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How do I Earn from Guaranteed Sales?

Anyone you refer to $5B using your affiliate link can buy an advert and add Guaranteed Sales to it.

Guaranteed Sales is an add-on to a normal Standard Advert.

Standard Adverts deliver 1 million targeted visitors in 12 months for the cost of $269.

Guaranteed Sales Adverts deliver a volume of sales to any online business to generate $155k net profit.

That $155k net profit is shared with $5B.

We earn 34% of the $155k net profit. This is called Profit Share.

Each Guaranteed Sales Advert is delivered to 3x in 12 months which pays us 3x 34%.

We pay you $1000 commission Profit Share from our 34%.

We get paid 3x so, you get paid commission 3x also.

So you get paid $20 for the advert,, plus $1000 Profit Share Commission which recurs 3x = $3020.

Your upline receives 3x overrides of $50 too.

Profit Share is paid on delivery of the sales. 

If we miss a delivery target, we redo it for free, but we still pay our affiliates the Profit Share from the missed delivery.

Guaranteed Sales is added on to a Standard advert for free.