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How Does Guaranteed Sales Deliver $155k Sales?

We operate unique, revolutionary consumer data driven advertising platforms and $5B is a very small part of our vast network.

We have over 338 MILLION consumers using our browser extensions and over 1,900,000 publishers, displaying our adverts on 9,600,000 ultra targeted webpages that are viewed over 9.8 billion times each week. 

We do not quote views, impressions or clicks because, we only deliver sales.

Only a small number of the community are $5B Sell Data.

Our browser extensions replace content on visited pages after AI learns about the user, using the extension. It is a slow process that can take about 80 days.

It gets more accurate over 36 weeks and gets better with time. The more users, the better it predicts markets and trends.

For example, the content we change is:

  • Facebook adverts on facebook while users browse marketplace, groups and scroll to infinity through timelines and newsfeeds.
  • Messenger adverts while users chat to friends and family.
  • Twitter adverts while users Tweet!
  • Adverts on any site that uses facebook pixel.
  • Google search adverts and results. Gmail and more...
  • Bing search and results adverts.

We seamlessly replace adverts from all major search engines, web based applications, social media and shopping sites to include eBay and Amazon.

It is seamless powered by the extension and we machine learn the behavior of our users to know exactly what they are going to do next on a prediction scale of 1-10 being an exact 10.

We learn what they are going to look for next and direct them to Guaranteed Sales when we have a match.

This is only part of the technique used to deliver Guaranteed Sales.


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