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How Much is Advert & Guaranteed Sales Commission?

Promote your affiliate link or collect a dedicated affiliate link that lands on the $5B Guranteed Sales service page.

Get a banner.

Get sample emails.

Go to: https://5billionsales.com/marketing/overview

Start sharing on facebook, Twitter, and email to your contacts.

You earn $20 for each advert we sell after a buyer uses your link. You get paid 30 days after the advet is paid for. You will see a 30 day countdown on your advert commissions. See https://5billionsales.com/commissions/adverts

Your upline earns $1 and is paid 30 days after the advert is paid for.

When the advert sold is a Guaranteed Sales Advert, you get paid an extra $1000 Profit Share on sales delivery or if we miss delivery target.

Your upline gets $50 Profit Share override.

Profit Share commission recurs 3x in 12 months. Total commission is $3020.

Profit Share overrides recur 3x in 12 months. Total override is $151.

Advert overrides https://5billionsales.com/overrides/adverts