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Can I Earn $155k Without an Online Business?

You need to have a webpage or an affiliate link for an affiliate program that makes money from an immediate online transaction.

The transaction can be anything for example:

  • Sale of a product
  • Sale of a service
  • Rental
  • Paid membership
  • Paid sign-up

If you do not have an online business, then quickly start one!

Step 1 - Get your dropshipping products here from one great provider. Products are sourced from 1000's of the best dropshipping suppliers: Start Dropshipping Now!

Step 2 - Get a free eCommerce site and sell one of the drophipping products! - we can deliver your site with $155k sales -  Click here...

OR - Get a ClickBank affiliate link and use Guaranteed Sales to promote it and generate $155k from it.

You can even get a Guaranteed Sales Advert and open an eBay store or sell services on Facebook marketplace.

Add your product to their website and copy the link to the product or Facebook marketplace advert.

Order and pay $269 for a Guaranteed Sales Advert and paste the URL of the product from your Facebook marketplace advert or eBay store.

Get yourself ready for delivery of Guaranteed Sales. Your first delivery takes 90 days. We alert you 3 weeks before delivery so you arrange dropshipping.

You earn $155k.

You pay us 34% of the $155k.

We begin Guaranteed Sales delivery #2 which will take less time to deliver because we know about your product and site. Deliveryyis 2 months.

Again, you earn $155k.

Again, you pay us 34% of the $155k.

Repeat for the 3rd and last time.

You earn your 3rd $155k.

You pay us the 3rd 34%.

Guaranteed Sales ends.