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What is Money Maker - New Process Referring Level 1

Since the new site was launched, there is a new way of registering. See image.

1. All registrations take place on the old registration form.

2. All registered users join as a Money Maker. You get a notification in messages with their details when they register.

3. Money Makers show up in your Money Maker Stats Page point 9 on the image - https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/money-maker 

4. The Money Maker Stats page is found under point 4 and 5 on the image.

5. The new Money Maker is NOT an affiliate until they click the Refer $ Earn box - point 1 on the image.

6. When they click the Refer $ Earn box - point 1 on the image.

7. After they join you by clicking the Refer $ Earn box, they appear in your Level 1. See point 10 on image. You get a notification when they join as an affiliate in your messages.

8. After they are in your Level 1, they will appear in your downline https://5billionsales.com/downline/level1/all

9. It can take up to 4 hours for the affiliate to be credited to your downline depending on how busy the site is.

10. When your Money Maker joins Sell Data then they will appear in point 11 on the image and you will get a notification in your messages.

11. When your Money Maker joins as an Advertiser, they will show in point 12 of the image and when they order/buy an advert the advert total shows. When they join as an advertiser you will get a notification. When they order an advert, they show in point 13 on the image and you also get a notification.

12. Points 6,7 and 8 - you will see usernames here. They click through to the affiliates profile if they are an affiliate. If not linked they have not registered as an affiliate yet. You can find their contact details in your message notifications.

13. If your referral does not register as an affiliate, go to your messages and find their details and hit them with an email. Same if you expected them to use Sell Data or buy Adverts; this is your Money Maker page where you can check the status of your referral and convert them to commission.