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Why Can't I Finish Step 1?

To start, you need to login to Money Makers Page and click the Sell Data box - see image.

See image again - to get back to your Money Makers page click - My Money Maker Page.

Step 1 is your profile.

There are 4 pages to the profile.

At the end of each page is a save button.

You must click save and continue the first 3 pages and then complete the 4th page and save and exit.

If page 1 does not save and go to page 2, it means you have not completed a section marked with a *. See image point 1 and 2.

Sections marked with a * means you must complete it. If you do not complete the sections, you will not be able to save and continue.

If there are errors, when you click save and continue, the page will show you the errors. Scroll to view errors and fix. Then you need to save and continue again until it moves to page 2.

There are 4 pages.

Once you have saved the 3 pages, you will be presented with the 4th. This last page is slightly different.

You must tick box point 3 on the image.

You must click save and finish button.

If you do not do this, you will not finish step 1.

There is no other reason why step 1 cannot be completed.