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Why Can't I Finish Step 3?

Following on from step 2. You now have the extension downloaded and you have moved to step 3. If you have not moved, then you have NOT downloaded the extension so go back and do it! It is impossible not to move to step 3 if you downloaded the extension.

Step 3 is about installing our extension and activating it for the first time.

Watch the video.

Follow the instructions in step 2 under the video.


  • You must NOT use Incognito or private window.
  • You must not use a VPN, so turn it off if you are.

Now activate the extension by opening Google with the browser you installed our extension. If Android, it will be Kiwi.

Then search for - peanuts - click the top result and land on webpage. Now search again for - paper plane - land on results and click the top result.

Go back to Sell Data dashboard. If you do not go back to Sell Data dashboard/back-office the data will not validate!

Go to any 5B page and click the 5B logo at the top left. Then click the MONEY MAKER link far right. See image below.

If you have installed the extension, you will see a validation page when you open your dashboard.

Step 3 finishes when you validate your data for the first time. 

See Step 4 FAQ.