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How Do I Get Paid from Guaranteed Sales?

Order an advert.

Pay for advert $269.

Create your advert.

Add Guaranteed Sales to your advert for free.

Think Google Ads - when you create your advert it has a target URL. The target URL is the website business that you will earn your $155k net profit.

You are the seller. You sell and deliver to your buyers.

If you are signing members up for a commission, then the Guaranteed Sales Advert does that and you collect your commission from the MLM or business.

We do not do anything apart from deliver you sales.

After we have delivered your business/MLM $155,000 net profit, you withdraw $52,700 and pay us after results.

You can be MLM, an affiliate program, an eBay seller, an Amazon seller, selling an item of your own website. As long as you have a transaction that makes profit, we will send you sales!

The answer to this question is - you get paid commission or profit from your own business as normal and pay us 34% of $155k net profit ($52,700). We do not hold your money. You are in control of your stock, business and income. You do the work, we promote and collect 34% of your $155k.