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When does $5B Pay Me the $155k?

We deliver your $155,000 through a Guaranteed Sales Advert.

Like any other advert, the Guaranteed Sales Advert has a target URL.

The target URL is for a web bsuiness you own or operate and get paid from. We do not receive any of the sales, your web business does.

It can be a MLM, affiliate program, eBay seller whatever you can make money from.

You buy a Guaranteed Sales Advert and we deliver your business $155k net profit. 

You pay us $52,700 after you have banked your profit.

You can dropship, promote an MLM, sell on eBay or any other eCommerce site on the Web.

Providing you make profit, we will deliver.

The answer to this question is - you get paid commission or profit from your own business as normal and pay us 34% of $155k net profit ($52,700). We do not hold your money. You are in control of your stock, business and income. You do the work, we promote and collect 34% of your $155k.