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Why Do I Have 4 Affiliate Links?

25% of all lost sales are because users can't navigate from the homepage to the page they want. Deep linking is the process of sending the visitor directly to the page on a website that they are interested in. Earn higher commission by converting more of your traffic with link #3 for Guaranteed Sales, #2 for affiliates and #4 for Sell Data.

If you are serious about referring users to 5B, you may want to separate the users so they land on pages you are promoting.

For example, you want to refer affiliates to join you. Use the affiliate link #2 dedicated to land your referral on the Refer $ Earn page.

If you want to sell Guaranteed Sales and earn up to $3020, go to marketing resources and get the dedicated affiliate link #3 for it and promote!

You can also grab banners, images, email samples, social templates, videos and more that you can link using the dedicated affiliate links.

Go to marketing resources here: https://5billionsales.com/marketing/overview