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Why Can't I see my Downline / Team / Referrals?

We experience at least 30 people a day asking this question.

The most common answer is - You are looking in Sell Data back-office for your team or you are looking in Guaranteed Sales for your team/downline. Your downline are referrals. You referred your team/downline using an affiliate link. You are looking in the wrong back office. Your affiliate account is in Refer $ Earn. Go to your affiliate account by doing this - go to your Money Maker Page and click box 3 Refer $ Earn.

In Sell Data or Advertiser and cannot exit? Click the orange Money Maker button or click profile picture and then the Money Maker link.

You can also click here: https://5billionsales.com/downline/level1/all


Try the link above first!

Some people deleted their downline when we launched by clicking the CLOSE ACCOUNT button. Here is how to recover your downline: click here - https://5billionsales.com/downline/level1/all - if your downline is not there go to messages and open a ticket from your affiliate back office ERROR REPORT and copy this code into the message - MDDXXEE without any other text and we will recover your account.