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How Does Guaranteed Sales Work?

Affiliates refer people that want to increase their sales. Let's call the people 'users'.

Users can be website owners, MLM promoters, affiliates, eBay stores or any other eCommerce site that sells online.

The user clicks the affiliate link and lands on the $5B website. The affiliate link can be the one that links to the home page or dedicated to the Guaranteed Sales page. See marketing resources for links and banners etc.

The user likes Guaranteed Sales and goes to the registration form.

The user registers as a Money Maker and appears in the affiliate's Money Maker stats page: https://5billionsales.com/my-stats/money-maker

The user registers and lands on the Money Maker Page and chooses box 2 - Guaranteed Sales.

The user is now classed as an Advertiser and will appear in your Money Maker stats as a money Maker and Advertiser.

The Advertiser orders and pays for an advert at $269 or orders more than one for a discount. After payment, the affiliate's role finishes and we take over care of the Advertiser from here with live chat and support.

The Advertiser adds Guaranteed Sales to their advert and their advert is published in the $5B system and network.

We are responsible for the delivery of the $155k Guaranteed Sales to the Advertiser. The Advertiser is only responsible to pay us the 34% out of their profit after we deliver. The affiliate has no responsibility after referring the user with their affiliate link.

The referring affiliate will receive $20 commission for each advert the advertiser buys from $5b. Commission is paid 30 days after advert is paid for.

The referring affiliate is also paid $3000 Profit Share commission in 3x $1000 recurring payments.