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How Do I Get Guaranteed Sales?

You can only be referred to this website by an affiliate and the affiliate will earn a commission from introducing you.

Affiliates refer people that want to increase their sales.

You can be a website owner, MLM promoter, online marketer, dropshipper, affiliate, eBay store or any other eCommerce site that sells online.

Once you've read about Guaranteed Sales please click the register button by the video.

The registration form is universal which registers you as a Money Maker. Once registered you will land on a Money Maker page. To get your Guaranteed Sales, click box 2 (middle).

You are now an Advertiser and can start ordering your Guaranteed Sales Advert.

Start with Step 1 which orders and reserves Guaranteed Sales if available. Then pays for your advert at $269 or order more than one for a discount. 

Add Guaranteed Sales to your advert which is included in the order price.

You publish the Guaranteed Sales Advert and we take over. You have no marketing or promoting to do, we do it all.

We are responsible for the delivery of the $155k Guaranteed Sales to your business. You (the Advertiser) is responsible for stocking your item, shipping your items to buyers and paying us the 34% of the extra $155k net profit we generate for you. 

We deliver 3x in 12 months. You pay us 34% after each delivery. After the 3rd delivery the agreement ends however, you can order more Guaranteed Sales at the prevailing rate and terms which will have changed due to this offer being limited.