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When Can I Withdraw Overrides from Sell Data?

Sell Data overrides (SDO) are earned by affiliates when another affiliate in their 16 level downline refers a Sell Data user.

Sell Data users sell their browsing data to us. Each Sell Data user that joins your downline credits you with $5 SDO credit. This credit becomes earned when the Sell Data user validates their first data.

Your SDO is paid each 12 months without 10x Faster.

With 10x Faster, you can speed up your SDO.

How? = Like this:

  1. Go to the marketing section and collect your affiliate link #3. 
  2. Promote the link on the Internet, socials, Whatsapp, Snap, Twitter, TikTok, Email etc.
  3. Use video from marketing, use email templates and promote the link.
  4. Tell your existing level 1 affiliates about Guaranteed Sales and how it helps them earn money from their businesses. See here to learn the affiliate's view of Guaranteed Sales - https://5billionsales.com/refer-and-earn#affiliate_gts

For each advert that is bought by your existing or new level 1 credits you with 1 advert credit. Get 10 credits and you get paid 1 month early. Get more and SDO gets paid even faster:

  • 20 credits = 2 months early.
  • 30 credits = 3 months early.
  • 40 credits = 4 months early.
  • 50 credits = 5 months early.
  • 60 credits = 6 months early.
  • 80 credits = 8 months early.
  • 90 credits = 9 months early.
  • 100 credits = 10 months early.

IMPORTANT: If you activate 10x Faster BUT do not get advert credits, then your payment of SDO remains as the original date. You will be paid 12 months from earned date. 

See this Sell Data overrides page for your dates: https://5billionsales.com/overrides/selldata

Your level 1 referrals that sell their browsing data to Sell Data earn Sell Data Income and vBonus. These payments are known as Sell Data Income SDI. Your advert credits also speeds up SDI for your level 1.

  • No other levels benefit, just your level 1.
  • Your sponsor does not benefit.