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Who Can Buy an Advert?

Anyone can buy an advert off your affiliate link. The best affiliate link to use in promotion is affiliate link #3.

25% of all lost sales are because users can't navigate from the homepage to the page they want. Deep linking is the process of sending the visitor directly to the page on a website that they are interested in. Earn higher commission by converting more of your traffic with link #3 for Guaranteed Sales. See here for more links to other pages: https://5billionsales.com/dash#step-4

Anyone that clicks your link can join you as an affiliate, Sell Data and buy adverts!

Everyone that joins you is a referral in your Level 1.

Each referral in your Level 1 can buy adverts.

Each advert they buy adds 1 credit to your 10x Faster account.

Old affiliates and new people that join you in the future can buy adverts. Each will add a credit to your account.

You are a marketer. Everyone that joins you is a marketer.

Guaranteed Sales was made for marketers.

Marketers will buy adverts to promote their businesses!

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