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What are the 10x Faster Targets/Milestones to Unlock Faster Sell Data Earnings?
  • Sell Data commission - SDC
  • Sell Data overrides - SDO
  • Sell Data Income (daily and vBonus) - SDI

With 10x Faster, you can speed up your own SDC and SDO.

You get a 10x Faster credit for each advert bought by your existing or new level 1 referrals.

Learn about Guaranteed Sales here: https://5billionsales.com/refer-and-earn#affiliate_gts

Guide your old referrals how Guaranteed Sales can explode their business with sales and sign-ups. Marketers know other marketers. Guaranteed Sales was built to help marketers earn more money from their affiliate programs, MLM and more...

Promote Guaranteed Sales to new referrals. Use affiliate link #3 and marketing resources from the marketing section.

Get 10 credits and you get paid 1 month early with 10x Faster. Get more and your own SDC and SDO gets paid even faster:

  • 20 credits = 2 months early.
  • 30 credits = 3 months early.
  • 40 credits = 4 months early.
  • 50 credits = 5 months early.
  • 60 credits = 6 months early.
  • 80 credits = 8 months early.
  • 90 credits = 9 months early.
  • 100 credits = 10 months early.

Credits last forever. You cannot lose credits. Maximum credits is 100. After reaching the 100 credits target, you can give credits 101+ to anyone in your Level 1 or your sponsor.