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When Can I Withdraw
  • Sell Data commission - SDC
  • Sell Data overrides - SDO
  • Sell Data Income (daily and vBonus) - SDI
  • Advert commission - AC
  • Advert overrides - AO
  • Profit Share commission - PSC
  • Profit Share overrides - PSO

It all depends on which user you are and what work you have done.

Sell Data (user) Income SDI is earned from selling your browser data - Paid monthly after August 25th, please see - https://5billionsales.com/news?postid=73

Sell Data Affiliate commission SDC and overrides SDO for referring a Sell Data user that sells their browsing data - $100 SDC or $5 SDO paid each 12 months on the 12th month but can be paid faster by referring advertisers into your Level 1 that buy adverts. Each 10 adverts bought by your Level 1 Advertisers moves your own SDC and SDO by 1 month faster up to a maximum of 10 months faster. Service is called 10x Faster incentive program for affiliates. See FAQ - https://5billionsales.com/refer-and-earn#faq-cat-32 

Affiliate commission for adverts bought by your referrals - Advert commission (AC) - $20 paid 30 days after advert payment. Once only payment.

Standard Adverts pay out only the $20 (no PSC or PSO).

Guaranteed Sales pay out the $20 (AC) PLUS 3x $1000 Profit share commission (PSC).

PSC is paid out 4 months, 3 months, and 3 months.

Advert overrides (AO) are paid the same times and the values are $1 advert override (AO) nad Profit Share Overrides (PSO) are $50, $50 and $50.

See here for your commission - Commission

See here for your overrides - Overrides