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Groups, Pages, Video, Audio, Chatrooms and ANY Other Media without Limit

This notice refers to any media resource that can, does or will share information of any kind with another person or has the intention or ability to share information with another person.

We do not tolerate any PUBLIC or PRIVATE group or page bearing the name of 5 Billion Sales or any name that induces the public OR members to believe that it is an official group supported by 5B.

Community Standard
Owners of Pages and Groups can use our logo PROVIDING they do not claim to be OFFICIAL and most importantly, the group is MODERATED and any misleading or incorrect posts or information is NOT allowed to be posted. Additionally, the owner of the social media or media of any description MUST identify themselves with a 5B affiliate link and username. This will ensure information published or shared privately is accurate and does not spread fake news or false information. To avoid doubt, any form of media communication is included in this required community standard to include comments.

For reference, 5B has NOT approved or made any group or social page official or recognized by 5B.

From today, any media that does not meet this community standard will go through this process:

  1. The owner of the media will have their 5B account closed without notice and remain closed permanently.
  2. The media will have a take down notice served at source.
  3. All costs of action will be passed and levied against the media owner.

If you know anyone with media that is not following the community standard please report them using this email address: (Warning do not use this email address for anything else except reporting or you WILL get banned) [email protected]