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What is An Affiliate Cheat?

An affiliate cheat is someone that joins 5B and then creates another affiliate level in a name that is fake or real, but is the 'MAIN' person that logs in and controls that account.

Then the cheat opens another and another account until 'up to' level 16 from their first account, then they refer a few to each level BUT the core is lower down the network and all of these fakes then create overrides.

Just 2 levels is a cheat if the 2nd level is used to refer other affiliates and Sell Data and the level 1 is sat there as a receiver. You'll know if you are an affiliate cheat because you created a second account to benefit more than the honest affiliate.

Greed is the driver and JUST because we DO NOT  charge you for membership, cheats think they can spoil business for honest affiliates.

We already know who you are, after all you are on our property.

You are permitted to have one affiliate account that you operate from only.

All accounts that are flagged by the various tools and methods we use will be deleted without notice.

It is not if, but when... 5B delete your affiliate cheat account.

If you are an affiliate cheat, you are definitely on our algorithm's delete list and may as well leave the site now as you will get deleted before payment time.

Click here if you need to remove one of your accounts: https://5billionsales.com/support/remove-account