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How Do I Start Referring?

You can promote and market anyhow you like except sending unsolicited email SPAM!

Get marketing tips and banners and videos from here: https://5billionsales.com/marketing/overview

You can post on social media, start business pages, join groups, start groups, open Telegram channels... Anything!

To start referring, you'll need your affiliate link. Copy and paste it from your affiliate back office from your affiliate link button here - CLICK

For some help with marketing click here if you have already joined as an affiliate.

We have created 4 affiliate links for you. The original link is for your home page. The other 3 links land your potential referrals on the page you promote. For example if you want to sell adverts and earn up to $3020 per Guaranteed Sales advert, use the Guaranteed Sales banners linked to the site using your Guaranteed Sales affiliate link.